wate heater under repair by chicago water connection plumber

CWC specializes in water heater repair and pump replacement.

Quick response and replacement of faulty water heater and/or pumps can avoid a flooded floor, basement and or crawl space.

Professional installation of a pump, valve and check valve will ensure a piece of mind and a dry home. Proper gasket install will prevent the sewer gasses from entering your home. “Quiet” check valves on any pump will keep you from being reminded every time your pump empties the basin. We stock some of the best submersible sump and ejector pumps.
Our professional staff is trained to replace pumps and water heaters when the emergency arises.

Proper water heater repair & installation will ensure your comfort and safety.

Proper sizing, expansion tanks, dielectric unions, new ball valves and pressure safety valves will keep you and your home safe.

We strive to be the best water utility in the region. When you have a problem, we will respond quickly. We’re ready to take action whenever you need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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