Emergency Response

Plumbing emergencies are very unpleasant, nerve wrecking and usually expensive if not handled quickly by plumbing professionals. Here at CWC, we take pride on being equipped with tools and experience to quickly resolve these emergencies and prevent further damage to your property.

Most of these emergencies create unsanitary conditions which could affect your health if left unattended. Our crews are here to help you protect your health and property.

The following situations should be considered as Emergency situations which will require an immediate response:

SEWER BACKUP…this could be caused by many different situations. Most obvious signs would include an overflowing toilet or floor drain, standing water in sink, tub or shower.

NO WATER FLOW…this may be a sign of frozen pipes or broken water service pipe. Frozen pipes once they thaw out could cause a flood in your building. Low or non- existent water pressure could also be caused by damage to your water service supply line.

LEAKY WATER AND DRAIN LINES…old age usually causes water and drain lines to fail. Immediate response and repair are essential in preventing flooding, especially by drain lines, as they create unhealthy and unsanitary conditions.

GAS LEAK…even though most of gas supply lines are installed by plumbers, if you notice an odor of gas, you should leave your property and notify your gas company. You could also call 911 if you feel as the situation needs and emergency response due to the severity of the leak or physical affects on you or anyone in close proximity.