Emergency Service

Emergency Plumbing Service: Sewer, Water & Drain

broken pipe cause of leak under pipe and in need of emergency service

Emergency plumbing situations are very stressful, potentially harmful and could be quite expensive if not diagnosed and resolved quickly.

CWC has more than two decades of experience dealing with emergency plumbing situations. We use the latest equipment to locate, clean, repair and, if needed, replace any part of the plumbing system. Our pricing is very affordable and our work is always done by professionals. All work is fully guaranteed.

We are equipped to handle any situation at any time. Call, text or email our company and our team will respond at any time of the day and night to resolve your emergency problem.

Most common emergencies seen by our plumbers are:

-sewer backups
-failed pumps
-frozen water supply lines
-leaky water heaters

Unfortunately, some emergency plumbing calls are for more drastic measures, such as excavations. Fortunately, CWC emergency plumbers are equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to perform any underground repair you might face. Weather it’s a broken sewer line or leaky water service, CWC is the right company for you!

Need Emergency Serve? Call Us 24/7 (773) 710- 4111!