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NO-DIG Technology
With the revolutionary trenchless repair solution, you can now repair broken pipes without having to dig up your yard or cut through your bathroom floor.
Service Guarantee
We promise and guarantee to provide you with a quality services that will meet all of your consumer expectations and standards.
Cost-Effective Solution
Trenchless pipe repair is a less disruptive and cost-effective solution for fixing pipes without causing huge damage to your property.

CWC has many years of experience in trenchless pipe repair and installing liners inside sewer mains and laterals in both residential and commercial applications.

Most sewer mains and laterals are made of vitrified clay, cast iron or concrete. Over the years, these materials are exposed to freeze and thaw cycles, ground erosion/settling, chemicals, root penetration, material wear, calcium build up and other harmful conditions. Pipes sections can develop separations, cracks, buildup and shifts which ultimately have a negative affect of the flow of sewage. To avoid backups and complete failure, such as collapse, pipe lining give these lines a new layer of continuous PVC liner which restores their ability to flow waste as their original intent. Not all sections of sewer qualify for lining. However, the sections that are deemed worthy of liners, save customers time and money when it comes to sewer replacement. Some excavation is still required, but damage to property is minimal.


This technology allows us to transform aged, damaged, cracked pipes into new and seamless sections of pipe.
In many cases, replacement of driveways, concrete flatwork, patios, walkways and custom landscaping can be avoided, thus saving customer’s money. This minimizes excavation sizes and damage to property. By avoiding unnecessary excavating with trenchless pipe repair, we reduce the time on the job thus allowing us to keep the costs to a minimum.
Our pricing is very competitive and our work is always done by professionals. All work is fully guaranteed.

We are equipped to handle any situation at any time. Call, text or email our company and our team will respond at any time of the day and night to resolve your water service issues.

5 Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Things that we don’t see tend to be forgotten, like your sewer line, until things go wrong. A cracked sewer line is a nightmare for any homeowner. In the past, repairing a cracked sewer line involved excavating the whole of your yard to get to the damaged pipe – inconvenient, intrusive, destructive and very expensive. Modern advances, like trenchless technology mean that repair is a much easier process. Technicians can now repair sewer lines using a minimally invasive process and excavation is not needed.
Trenchless pipe repair Chicago benefits include:

1. Takes Less Time

Trenchless sewer repair can be performed within a day, compared to the days or weeks that traditional methods needed.

2. Less Expensive

Trenchless sewer line replacement or repair is less expensive compared to traditional methods. There is no need for excavation equipment and less manual labor.

3. Eco-Friendly

Traditional methods are very destructive to the environment around the damaged pipes. Trenchless pipe repair doesn’t destroy any plants or damage the environment.

4. It Lasts Longer

Trenchless pipe lining products have a lifespan of 50 years and more. Traditional method repairs last on average for 10-30 years.

5. Higher Quality

As well as giving a longer life expectancy and needing less maintenance, trenchless pipe repairs can improve the functionality of your sewage system by increasing flow capacity.

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