Sewer Repair Chicago & Replacement

CWC specializes in sewer repair and replacement. Our prices are very competitive and fair. All estimates are clear and detailed to ensue our customers are confident in hiring CWC to handle their sewer and water system repair or replacement.

Some sewer lines are deteriorated or damaged beyond cleaning equipment’s capabilities.

If all options are exhausted, physical repair or replacement becomes necessary. We perform these jobs on both residential and commercial settings.
We use the latest equipment to perform our work safely, efficiently and with as little impact on the surrounding areas as possible. CWC owns and maintains large inventory of equipment necessary to perform such jobs. This allows us to mobilize any piece of needed equipment without relying on outside sources which could potentially delay the necessary sewer and water service work.

Compact excavators: allow CWC to perform work of hard to reach places when excavation is required. Their small size also minimized damage to property.

Shoring and safety equipment: we take safety of our workers, public and property very seriously. All work meets OSHA requirements.

Directional boring machines: these machines allow CWC to replace or install sewer and water lines without excavation, when possible.

Sewer cameras and locators: Sewer camera inspections are indispensible when repairing or replacing sewer and water lines. They allow us to visually confirm and locate sections of damaged pipes. This precision allows us to minimize damage to property.

CWC prides itself on careful preparation and protection of work areas. This process allows us to reduce the amount of restoration to property. After completion of excavation projects, areas are restored to almost original condition. This includes hauling off excess debris, backfilling with sand or stone which is compacted to eliminate settling and replacing sod in lawn areas.
In most cases, work areas are restored to an original condition after the work is completed. A clean job site means less stress for the property owners or tenants.

Preventing Sewer Repair & Replacement

Preventive measures and good habits go a long way to keeping your sewer in good health and preventing sewer repair:

  • Professional sewer cleaning is an excellent way to keep your sewer healthy and avoid expensive repairs and unpleasant sewer backups.
  • Use and teach your family good flushing habits, make sure that nothing is flushed down the toilet except toilet paper and of course human waste. Other objects will lead to a clog in the sewer line.
  • Do not pour oil or fat down the drain, it is the most common cause of clogs in the pipes.
  • Avoid planting any trees near the sewer lines. Tree root invasion is a primary cause of serious sewer problems.

By preventing some of the causes that result in serious sewer damage you will save time, stress and money. If you think you have a problem, contact a professional to arrange a sewer line inspection.


Old pipes, clogged drains and backed up sewers. Our sewer repair Chicago services are efficient, reliable and cost-effective. Our professionals have the training and the skills to carry out any necessary repairs.

PROFESSIONAL SEWER REPAIR: We have the experts and modern equipment to perform trenchless sewer repair Chicago, minimally invasive procedures that will deliver effective and efficient repair without damage to the surroundings and extra cost.

SEWER SYSTEM SERVICES: Sewer lines are important pipes that are essential to healthy sewage systems. If you’re having problems with your sewer line our sewer inspection services will determine exactly what is going on.

SEWER LINE REPAIR: Our professionals are highly trained and available for sewer line repair Chicago. They will work efficiently and effectively to make sure they deliver a top quality repair and a top quality service.

SEWER LINE REPLACEMENT: If you need sewer line replacement, our experts can perform the replacement efficiently. They are trained to use the most modern equipment and tools and will provide a stress-free service!

DAMAGED SEWER LINES: If your sewer line is damaged you need an expert to make sure it is properly repaired. Our professionals have extensive experience and the skills to repair any problem.

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