Sewer Maintenance & Inspection

Sewer Camer Inspection & Maintenance

CWC maintains and makes sewer camera inspection both residential and commercial properties to ensure proper function of the plumbing system. We use the latest and most up to date equipment to clean and inspect your plumbing system. Our staff is constantly trained on latest methods and techniques to ensure they maintain and inspect your plumbing system in the best and most efficient way.

Sewer camera inspection Chicago of the sewer and drain lines allows us to visually inspect the lines for clogs, offsets and possible breaks. Locating sondes allow us to accurately locate the compromised section of line. This minimizes the damage to property when repairs and/or replacement is necessary

Sewer, Drain Rodding & Cleaning:

Rodding: uses a rotating steel cable with different attachments to clear obstructions out of the drain and sewer line. These obstructions include roots, accumulated paper products, foreign objects and etc.

Jetting: uses water under high pressure to clear sewer lines from debris, grease, roots and other foreign matter that could be blocking flow. Jetting has many advantages but usually require a proper size cleanout or an inspection manhole, preferably locates outside of the building.

Scheduled Maintenance & Sewer Camera Inspection Chicago & NW Suburbs

CWC offers maintenance contracts which are customized to each project. Depending on the size and use of each plumbing system, maintenance and inspection intervals can be adjusted to best serve the customer’s needs.

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