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20 Dec. 22

How To Avoid Sewer Backups During Christmas

It’s wintertime, and Christmas is almost here, just around the corner. For those of you who have dealt with sewer backups – and all the messes they cause – you’re probably not eager to think about sewers any more than necessary, especially during the festive season.

It’s time to take action to avoid sewer backups

To prevent sewer backups in your home, act now. Most sewer backups occur during the winter. This is because tree roots grow into pipes during the spring and summer months and clog them up. Also, due to higher volumes of water in the fall and winter, even minor blockages can cause sewer backups in your house.

When the weather gets colder and wetter, people tend to stay indoors more. When they’re in their homes, they’re also generating more water – with rainwater, washing machines, and so on – that goes down their drains. The pipes can’t handle so much water at once, so they back up into your home.

Schedule a sewer inspection if you haven’t done so already!

We recommend you schedule a routine sewer camera inspection of your sewer lines every five years, or if your property has experienced severe problems in the past, every two. This can help you identify problems well in advance – and without having to wait until you have a mess to clean up.

Let’s avoid the disastrous scenario of a flooded home this holiday season. Contact your local plumbing company to schedule your routine inspection.