10 Oct. 22

5 Signs You Need a Sewer Line Inspection

When things are not directly in front of us we tend to forget about them, that is until something goes wrong! This is doubly true when it comes to your sewage system. An effective and efficient sewer and drainage system is absolutely vital to the health and safety of your home, although we rarely ever think of it or its important function.

What happens when there is a problem with your drainage?
Nobody wants waste coming out of the toilet instead of going down it, or waste and sewage flooding your kitchen or bathroom. This is what happens when there are problems with the damage system.

What causes problems with your drainage?
Problems with the drainage system can arise because of blocked pipes or drains, or damages to the drainage pipes. These blockages and pipe damage often lead to a sewage backup. This basically means that your waste cannot get to the main sewer pipe and instead comes out of your sinks and toilets, or other pipes located In the home.

How do you tell If you have a drainage problem?

If sewer or drainage issues are not attended to and left untreated, serious, extensive damage to your home can occur, as well as serious health concerns for you and your family. Indications of sewer and drainage issues are not always noticeable and initially may start out small. Such as low water levels, or a slow-draining toilet. It is important to become familiar with some common signs indicating that there is an issue. They will enable you to find and treat the issue quickly, preventing larger more serious damage.

The first step to making sure your home is healthy and safe is to arrange for a sewer line inspection. If you are uncertain if there are any issues with your drainage, there are 5 common signs that Indicate that there is a problem.

Gas or Foul Odor Smell In Your Home

One of the most obvious and very common indications that there is a problem with your drainage system, is the presence of gas or foul odors coming from your toilets and sinks. If you notice a sewer gas smell in bathrooms and in other rooms of your house it is often a sign that the sewer lines are not ventilating properly. If you smell this sign it is important that you contact professionals immediately as this problem can be potentially dangerous.

Low Water Levels

If you notice low water levels within your toilets, this is an indication of clogged sewer lines, or even more serious, damage in your sewer lines. Fluctuations in the water line can also indicate damage within the drainage system, so watch out if your water level is high one day and low the next. If you see either of these signs it Is important to get your sewer lines inspected, so that the location and extent of the damage can be identified.

Noticeable Slow Draining

A common and very obvious indication that you need a sewer line inspection, is the slow draining of the toilet, sinks or bathtub. The slow draining of a sink or anything else is a common problem and is usually treated with standard drain cleaning products and methods. If it is not cleared, the issue may occur in different rooms. This can indicate you have damage to your sewer line A sewer line inspection can confirm this.

Sewage Backup and Blockage

Occurrences of excessive clogging, large blockages and backflow, are all signs of sewage backup and sewer blockages or pipe damage. Backups happen when the sewer lines become clogged and the water cannot pass. The wastewater is forced back through the pipes and into your home. This problem is commonly caused by cooking oil, non-flushable paper, or other large objects. Another cause is when tree roots grow into the sewer line blocking and damaging them. A sewer line inspection can find the location of the blockage and if there is any damage.

Septic Tank Overflow in Yard

The very visible indication that you have a broken sewer line, is when you see septic wastewater forming a puddle in your yard. Septic tanks are only a few feet under the surface, when there is a problem and the water backs up it causes flooding of the septic tank which overflows and makes its way into your yard. The presence of wastewater is a health hazard and needs to be handled Immediately.

If you see, or smell, any of these signs or have any other plumbing problems, it is essential to contact professional plumbers and arrange for them to carry out a sewer line inspection.

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